What is propane?

Propane is an energy rich gas. It is one of the liquefied petroleum gases that is found mixed with natural gas and oil. Propane and other liquefied gases, are separated from natural gas at natural gas processing plants, or from petroleum at refineries. The amount of propane produced from natural gas and from oil is about equal. Propane naturally occurs as a gas.

However, at higher pressure or lower temperatures, it becomes a liquid. Because propane is 270 times more compact as a liquid than as a gas, it is transported and stored in its liquid state. Propane becomes a gas again when a valve is opened to release it from it pressurized container.  When returned to normal pressure, propane becomes a gas so that we can use it.

Why does propane smell?

In its natural state, propane is odorless. As a safety precaution, an odorant called Ethyl Mercaptan is added so any presence of propane may be easily detected. While most of us are able to detect even the slightest propane odor, some people are unable to.

What do I do if i smell gas or suspect a leak?

Immediately extinguish all open flames Leave the area where you smell the odor. Go directly to your propane tank, open the lid and close the valve Proceed immediately to the nearest off premise phone and call the office.

How to check your tank gauge?

If you are a will call customer, we recommend that you check your tank and regularly check your tank level. The round dial attached to the tank ranges from 5 to 95%. To  allow propane to expand with temperature fluctuations, a propane tank is considered full at 80% of its capacity.  We recommend that you always maintain at least 20% in your tank.

What if I run out of gas?

If your tank is out of gas, someone will need to be home when we bring new gas. We will need to perform a leak test to ensure the integrity of your propane piping system when your propane service is reinstated. If you’re a auto-refill customer in good standing, this service will be free.

Do propane prices change?

The price of propane is just like any other natural energy resource, fluctuates depending on availability.  Therefore, our prices from the refinery increase.